Passive income thanks to Laundromats!

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More than 3000 rentiers all over the world!
Exclusively from the production hall in Eastern Czech!

With solid foundations in the Czech Republic!

Our company specializes in comprehensive provision of production and operation of outdoor self-service laundries. We have the largest network of such laundromats in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing primarily on the needs of our customers. Our machines are software-stable, easy to operate using our own 'ONE TOUCH' technology. We utilize the latest technologies with a focus on intuitive and straightforward control for our customers.


52 Laundromats


8 Laundromats



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Our production...
In 2022, we initiated our own production of our laundromats, thus becoming completely independent from our previous subcontractors. This enables us to positively influence the quality of our machines and implement further innovations and enhancements, such as our proprietary payment system that accepts our unique Laundry DRY Tokens. As a result, we have become the absolute leader in self-service laundry in Central and Eastern Europe.

About service

Everything you need to know about our laundries. Learn more about the benefits of our self-service laundry, the detergents we use, laundry hygiene, and last but not least, our service price list.

Discount program

We are preparing a unique binary system Laundries, where every customer can receive an instant 12% discount or even FREE credits for use towards our services.


Additional service

We are preparing a new service that will provide you with comprehensive care for your laundry. We pick up the laundry, wash it and dry it in the nearest laundry machine. The service also includes ironing and folding laundry. The service is suitable for all businesses dealing with large-volume laundry.

Turnkey business

Are you looking for a stable and profitable business? Become a franchisee! Do you want your own store, but do not have enough funds for the initial investment? You can also finance your stand with revolutionary refreshments through a loan, which we will be happy to help you secure.

Join the revolution...

Start earning with us!

  • Become a partner of this revolutionary service for the general public and start earning a share of the turnover from laundromats today! We provide financing through what is known as the sharing economy, where every supporter receives profit in the form of interest. You will have access to a unique online office where you can track all statistics, including the development of the entire project, and grow rapidly with us.


  • The entire system is designed to make passive income accessible to everyone. We pay out interest to you every month!