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Rentier thanks to laundromats

Why join us

We are a purely Czech and transparent company led by two brothers, Jan & Tomáš Holý. Together, we have over 15 years of experience in leadership, business, and banking. Currently, we have seen 6 years of intense development and expansion, which is gaining momentum. Join us and become part of the community that allows us to expand the network of public outdoor laundromats - laundry kiosks. The service is gradually expanding throughout Central and Eastern Europe! In 2022, we became the market leader in self-service laundry.

How does it work?

The whole idea is realized through the sharing economy, where a group of investors pools resources for a specific asset. In our case, it's the laundry kiosks. The profit generated by this asset is then distributed among investors according to the applicable interest tables and business conditions. We take care of the full-time service, ensuring flawless operation day and night, comprehensively!

What do we cover?

Our company covers everything: site selection, building permits, hygiene permits, contracts with insurance companies (and other entities), excavation work, production and transport of kiosks, kiosk construction, kiosk servicing, daily maintenance, legal services, insurance (natural disasters, vandalism, etc.), accounting, IT programmers and specialists, marketing, round-the-clock customer care, discount programs... You just only profit!
And what is your dream monthly income?

Our cooperation

We collaborate with major shopping centers, smaller chains, car washes, private individuals, etc., and carefully select locations where we build our laundry kiosks. Our implementation team takes care of construction, maintenance, and flawless operation for you.
& our other partners...

Unique strategy

Generation - or multiplication - is the alpha and omega of the entire business. It serves to generate additional branches, which diversify the risk across the entire network, making our collective business more stable and profitable over time. Thanks to this strategy, the interest rate for all supporters increases with the growing number of generational kiosks - thus creating a snowball effect that accumulates over time. All our supporters thus gain compounded interest through compound interest.

Base interest rate

The base interest rate is calculated every month based on the average attendance of all allocated laundries. From an average attendance of 2 visits per day, a base interest rate of 2% p.a. If the average attendance were 5 visits per day, the resulting percentage would be 7% p.a. See the interest rate table for details.

We also include decimal places in the interest calculation, for example, an ⌀ of 4,65 visits per day, etc.


Generational interest

Generational interest rate is formed through controlled money management from the base laundries. These laundries are simply extra in the system. Generational interest rate is fairly distributed among partners who supported the basic construction and always constitutes half of the base interest.

With each Generational kiosk, the base interest increases, meaning that interest rates increase over time!

  • profit for the company + all operating expenses, IT specialists, insurance, repair fund, customer care, marketing, etc.
  • the profit which shared among investors who supported the basic construction through the Configurator and Recurring Payments.
  • a portion of the profit is set aside for the construction of additional so-called Generational laundromats, which increase the base interest rate.

% Interest rate table

The interest is paid out every 7 days of the following month!
  • The interest rate depends on the average attendance of all allocated laundromats for each month
  • The basic interest rate currently ranges between 5-8% p.a.
  • The generational interest rate (which is additional) currently ranges between 2,5-4% p.a.
Thousands of our partners are profiting with us. Join the revolution!

The best conditions on the market...

Thanks to our manufacturing facilities, we have become completely independent of any subcontractors, thereby solidifying our foundation. As our network of supporters and the number of customers utilizing our services grows, we decided in 2023 to offer you the best investment opportunities available on the market.
  • New, clear and intuitive back-office
  • New summaries for even greater transparency
  • Launch of the UNIQUE so-called Expansion support
  • Increase of possible interest rates up to 1,3% p.m. (monthly)

Get the absolute maximum!

We offer our most active supporters and leaders the opportunity we call VIP membership, which comes with a range of benefits! These are partners who belong to the absolute top tier in our business and rightfully receive EXCLUSIVE terms.
  • You can obtain VIP membership either permanently or temporarily
  • Fulfill achievement tiers and earn EXCLUSIVE interest
  • The total possible interest up to 48% p.a. (yearly)

How to invest

Are you interested in our idea of self-service laundromats? Join us and start profiting today! We offer a comprehensive solution from manufacturing, construction to operation and maintenance of our facilities. For all our partners, this means tremendous added value with worry-free business. The system is designed fairly so that building passive income from laundry washing is accessible to everyone!

Set up an account and make a minimum deposit...

After registering for our system without obligation, it is necessary to pay the ENTRY DEPOSIT €40, which will grant you access to your online office and unlock the entire system, including all statistics and investment options. Created accounts without any investment will be deleted from the system over time.

Your initial deposit is now starting to work...

The amount of €40 is divided in a ratio of 50/50, with half going to BASIC SUPPORT and the other half to EXPANSION SUPPORT. Upon meeting the conditions, you will receive a STARTING interest rate averaging 8,5% p.a. Now you have access to our system, which you can start using to the fullest.

Choose your strategy and build passive income...

Do you prefer long-term investing in smaller amounts or a one-time deposit? We offer some of the best conditions available on the market. The key to success is REGULAR INVESTING, where you can accumulate funds and earn a real interest rate of up to 1,3% p.m. (MONTHLY) plus a generational bonus!


Detailed overview of current investment opportunities available.

The support configurator

The interest rates paid from the configurator are divided into three parts (basic, expansion, generational). When investing any amount, the amount is automatically divided 50/50 (basic + expansion). While the basic interest is paid out consistently, conditions for the payout of the expansion interest are individual. It primarily depends on the total amount of your investment and the Ø attendance laundry/kiosk for a given month. The conditions for the payout of the expansion support can be simplified over time by accumulating deposited funds. Generational interest rate is an additional bonus, available to investors who supported the basic construction of kiosks, from which a generational kiosk emerges.
Originally also known as the Pallet System, our unique configurator allows you to enter the amount you currently want to support. The system then recalculates the expected real return you can expect at that moment.
  • Bas. rate: 7-8% p.a. / 0,58% p.m.
  • Exp. rate: 9,6-24% p.a. / 0,8-2% p.m.
  • Gen. rate: 3-4% p.a. / 0,25-0,33% p.m.
  • Ø Total interest: 14-17% p.a.
  • NO COMMITMENTS: Support anytime
or 1000Kč

Recurring payments

The interest rates paid from the recurring payments are divided into three parts (basic, expansion, generational). When investing any amount, the amount is automatically divided 50/50 (basic + expansion). While the basic interest is paid out consistently, conditions for the payout of the expansion interest are individual. It primarily depends on the total amount of your investment and the Ø attendance laundry/kiosk for a given month. The conditions for the payout of the expansion support can be simplified over time by accumulating deposited funds. Generational interest rate is an additional bonus, available to investors who supported the basic construction of kiosks, from which a generational kiosk emerges.
Suitable for small investors who would like to save small amounts every month. Thanks to "repeats," you can accumulate assets without compromising your budget. As a bonus, you will gain access to detailed statistics for selected kiosks.
  • Bas. rate: 7-8% p.a. / 0,58% p.m.
  • Exp. rate: 9,6-24% p.a. / 0,8-2% pm.
  • Gen. rate: 3-4% p.a. / 0,25-0,33% p.m.
  • Ø Total interest: 14-17% p.a.
  • NO OBLIGATIONS: cancel at any time
or 100Kč

Our cryptocurrency

Our company BestSeries s.r.o. has decided to create its unique Laundry token (abbreviated as DRY), which will be the only cryptocurrency used as payment for our services. Already, fixed rules have been established to ensure that the token gradually becomes deflationary over time, meaning that coins will be gradually withdrawn from circulation. The Laundry DRY token is not just another cryptocurrency with a vision, but its value is already increasing, even though the planned entry into the stock market is in 2025. We have distributed 25% of the tokens to our partners completely FREE of charge.

Laundry DRY in a nutshell

The drop with a hand within represents the most important aspect of our business - our customer, symbolizing the heart of our shared project, and the need to protect and care for them.

The arc above the drop represents our supporter, who shields the drop, symbolizing the heart of our project. The supporter assists us in expansion and is an integral part of this vision.

The arc below the drop represents BestSeries s.r.o., which covers everything and ensures that the drop is maximally satisfied. Last but not least, it also gives every supporter the opportunity to grow together with the entire ecosystem and to gain maximum benefit from it.
TOTAL AMOUNT 1 500 000 000 DRY

Divided into seven pillars...

  • 500 000 - Community of supporters = FREE
  • 600 000 - Stock exchange = FOR SALE
  • 400 000 - Implementation, construction, marketing, reserve, company...
One time BOOST
The company BestSeries s.r.o. commits to purchasing tokens from the open market at a rate of 1 wash x 5 CZK (0,22 USD) per wash, thus covering all laundry services from 2019 until the listing on the stock exchange. These tokens will remain in the company's possession and will determine the initial capitalization of the token. This capitalization can only be sold off at a rate of 1% of purchased DRY tokens every calendar month. The company will provide the address of the used blockchain where these transactions will be recorded.
Repeated BOOST
The company BestSeries s.r.o. undertakes that upon entering the stock market, it will conduct a stock market purchase of DRY tokens every 7th day of the month at a rate of 1 wash x 5 CZK (0.22 USD) for each laundry. These coins will not remain in the company's ownership and will be withdrawn from circulation, so-called "burned", according to the rules of the blockchain used. This will gradually reduce the number of coins in circulation, making the tokens more scarce - a phenomenon known as deflation.
  • These DRY tokens were available until completely distributed
  • The listing of the Laundry DRY token on exchanges will take place in 2024/2025, after which you can freely buy and sell tokens
  • The regular "BOOST" and the so-called "burning" process ensure that the token becomes deflationary over time, thus increasing its value
  • We will inform you about further developments, including where to buy/sell Laundry DRY tokens...

Affiliate program

Would you like to earn even more? If you're dedicated, we offer you a great opportunity to build your career. Hundreds of our partners receive additional income every month besides their regular salary and support interest. By fully utilizing our system, you can earn a substantial amount of money monthly through interest from supported amounts and career advancement! You have access to a generous and fair commission reward system, support from owners and leaders, a broad community, and regular live broadcasts. Building an online business has never been easier!

We want to expand...

And you want start earning quickly... Now you have (finally) a business in your hands that is real, tangible, and used by millions of satisfied customers. Many people know about our service, but few realize that they can become an integral part of this business, which has no equivalents in Central and Eastern Europe.
  1. Get acquainted with the project...
    It's important for you to know what you're investing in. Get acquainted with the back-office and take a few tens of minutes for a live broadcast with the owners. Last but not least, contact a leader who will answer any questions you may have.
  2. Support the kiosk...
    Based on your own free will and according to your capabilities and preferences, determine your investment strategy and become a supporter. It will be necessary to monitor open network lines to ensure you don't miss out on any commissions.
  3. Share a thought...
    Thanks to a real service that everyone can see or use themselves, promoting the business will be much easier. Offer your friends, family, or people in your area the opportunity to invest and earn from a service they may often use themselves.
  4. Start profiting!
    For every purchase of an investment package by someone you recommend, you will receive a commission. The commission amount depends on the type of support the person chooses and in which network line they are located. You can open up to 30 lines and recommend as many people as you want; there are no limits for earnings with us.
How we celebrate the launch of a new kiosk?

Now it's up to you...

We have created a revolutionary concept that allows everyone to profit. Transparency, trust, and satisfied customers are ALWAYS our top priorities!

REAL We only create real things that make sense and are beneficial to the wider public.

STABLY - We don't promise nonsense; sustainability of the project and paying out our partners are key to our success and mutual satisfaction.

EFFECTIVELY - We're not afraid of innovations; we listen to the community, and thanks to that, we can move forward and grow at a rocket pace.

Get acess to your back-office!


Play our introductory video presentation!

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"VBS" is our internal bonus currency. You'll earn 10 "VBS" for logging into the system each day. This motivates partners to keep track of the project's progress. Accumulated "VBS" can be used in our e-shop.
It ranges from 0.2% to 20% of the achieved turnover. However, it depends on the network line the partner is in and also on the type of support (Configurator, Expansion support, Repeaters). You can withdraw the earned commissions at any time to your bank account.
The bonus is awarded to the first three supporters with the highest turnover in their first line. The bonus for the 1st place is 1%, the 2nd place receives 0.5%, and the 3rd place receives 0.3% of the total achieved turnover for that month.
The bonus is distributed quarterly among partners who have achieved higher positions in their careers and have supported construction over the last three months. Thanks to this bonus, every three months, one can earn a nice sum of money almost effortlessly.
You can look forward to special events such as anniversaries, milestones, Christmas, etc. During these events, you can enjoy preferential conditions compared to those who join at a later stage of development. Loyalty pays off with us!
We are transparent, we hide nothing! That's why we organize so-called "offline" events that you can attend. During these events, we introduce new features, plans for the future, answer questions, and of course, celebrate successes!